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Already have a STUNNING design?
Let the code ninjas at Pixelized Designs turn your artistic vision into a reality. We take your Adobe Photoshop design file and code it into web standard-compliant HTML that renders beautifully across every major web browser. While you're at it, why not create your site in a powerful Content Management System like Drupal or Wordpress? Learn more about those here.

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Social media outlets not only let you reach new customers, but provide you with a convenient way to interact with the customers you already do business with! Maybe a customer had a bad experience and wants to vent. Before, you never knew how many people the bad news could reach. Now, customers will often turn to venting on your Facebook page. This gives you an opportunity to reach out to them and correct the problem. Not only that, but others will see that you are willing to go the extra mile and may give you another chance.

At one point, you had a great website. It had all of the latest cool features and a modern look. But as technology grows and the years go on, it seems your site's becoming outdated faster than the latest "NOW That's What I Call Music" release.
Click here to save the day.
From simple text changes to a complete re-launch inside a new template design, we at Pixelized Designs are here to save your website from an untimely death. Please join us in our eternal quest to rid the internet of unattractive, outdated websites. Learn more about template customization here.
  • Drupal starts with an integrated User Account system to decide who can see which of your content
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface for arranging content within "blocks"
  • Countless useful Modules to add shopping carts,a blog, and so much more
  • Drupal 8 is just around the corner!
  • Wordpress is fast and easy to get up and running
  • Thousands of widgets available to customize your page with social icons, news feed, etc.
  • Search engines love Wordpress sites, making your site rise in the search rankings
  • Countless themes available to customize your website to fit your style
With either of these powerful content management systems, you will experience a whole new world of control over your website. No more waiting for your developer to fix that misspelled word glaring at your visitors on the homepage. Just log in yourself, and even without any HTML or coding knowledge, you can handle it.
Contact us and discuss which option would be better for you. Already have a website, but want this level of control? We'll migrate your current HTML site into either content management system and train you how to use it.

Let's be honest, nobody wants a cookie-cutter website that's going to look like every other one out on the web. A template can be a great starting point if you don't want to pay a hefty fee for a design from scratch. But your brand is your brand, and your website should reflect that.

Make any template your own.

Maybe it's just a simple color change to match your logo, or maybe you want to put the sidebar on the other side of the page completely. The developers here at Pixelized Designs take your chosen template and customize it the way you see fit. The result is a website that's fast and easy to get online, but matches your brand beautifully.

This year, at least one out of every four of your website visitors will access your website from a mobile device (find the report here). You can simply no longer afford to ignore mobile devices when designing and coding a website. Tiny text that's hard to read, buttons too small to press, struggling to zoom in and out. These are all problems that can and will plague your users.
Here at Pixelized Designs, we utilize responsive web design practices to optimize your website to fit on all of these mobile devices. Our goal is to make your site look just as beautiful on your buddy's iPhone at the bar as it does on your widescreen desktop monitor. Don't believe us? Load our site up on your mobile device, or simply drag your desktop browser window down to the size of a phone screen and watch the site transform!

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